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Should Colleges Stop Handing Out Merit Aid?

merit aid

Earlier this year, a group of presidents of private colleges pledged to stop handing out so much merit aid to recruit highly qualified students. Rather, they committed to directing more money towards supporting needy students. Many educators believe that merit aid is wasted on wealthy, well-prepared students who don’t actually need the aid. In recent […]

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Paying for College: 3 Tips to Reduce College Costs

paying for college

Recently, there has been much discussion about the crisis of college student loans that is crippling the financial lives of so many young Americans. The figures are indeed staggering. The PEW Research Center recently released a report indicating that, in 2010, nearly one out of five households owed student debt. Moreover, the average student loan […]

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The Great Financial Aid Offer Letter Hoax

financial aid

Last year, news broke that the amount of student-loan debt topped $1 trillion more than even American credit card debt. The emergence of this horrifying fact has led to anger and horror at the rising costs of college. There are a variety of reasons why the amount of student debt has skyrocketed recently. For-profit colleges […]

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Financial Aid Awards – April College Admissions Checklist for Seniors

financial aid

Now that it’s April, you should have received all of your college decisions and financial aid award letters. Now it is time to make some important choices. Here is a checklist of three things that all seniors should be doing this month. 1) Compare Financial Aid Award Letters. Your child should have a number of […]

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[Free Kindle] The College Wait List Survival Guide


Here is a free Kindle book! This one is titled: The College Wait List Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Increase Your Odds of Acceptance This eBook will be offered for free through Amazon’s KDP Select program and will be available for the next three days. Starting today (April 1) to the end […]

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